Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are up and ready to go

Check back frequently as we start our profiles of our members. The team is up and ready to go, and daily submitting new member names to etsy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Looking for the NPO's of Etsy

I am a long time etsy seller who has volunteered to run the Pink Ribbon Place etsy store for the non-profit of the same name. i am looking for a group of people interested in starting an NPO team. NPO stands for non profit organization.

I am looking for people to join this team, you don't have to donate everything in your shop, just have one or two items with all or some of the profits designated for your favorite NPO.

Right now we are scattered among the etsy sellers, with a note to let people know we donate, why not make a place where people who want to donate can find us.

Once the team is up, this blog can focus on the different charities represented, link to the pages of our charities, and anything else the team members thinks will help bring attention to themselves.

This is meant to be an inclusive team for those of us who donate our time and art to charity.

Star Foreman
The Pink Ribbon place